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Classic Series Water Pumps
SHURFLO® Fresh Water Pumps
SHURFLO's fresh water pumps have been the industry leader since 1988. These potable water pumps are self-priming and employ three independent pumping chambers to pump water smoothly and quietly. Built-in check valves prevent backflow into the tank. They can run dry without damage. Their patented design delivers smooth, consistent flow at all ranges of operation, while drawing low current. SHURFLO® fresh water pumps provide flows from 1.0 GPM up to 3.5 GPM. They are built tough to provide reliable, smooth and quiet operation for many enjoyable years of use. Each SHURFLO® fresh water pump is thermally protected for added safety and peace of mind. CE versions are available.
General Purpose Pumps
8050 Series
Incorporating SHURFLO's® advanced motor technology including thermal protection, these pumps are self-priming, easy to install and are extremely versatile. They are ideal in a variety of applications including winterizing, oil changing, and liquid transfer.
SHURFLO's® engineering expertise is apparent in the design of the 3200 series macerator pumps. Dual chopping blades, great priming and pressure capability make this a top-notch waste evacuation pump. Standard equipment on many of the world's top-selling waste evacuation systems, the 3200 series macerators offer SHURFLO® reliability, a splash-proof seamless motor shell, sealed rear motor access and thermal overload protection. Standardized ports and mounting make them a perfect replacement for other macerators.