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SHURflo® 4048 High Flow Pump

4048 High Flow pump
Product Description

SHURFLO’s® New 4048 series fresh water pump design was created with a unique one-piece diaphragm and internal by-pass, assuring long life and top performance in all plumbing systems. The 4048 series pump is built for high flow demand, smooth flow and no rapid cycling.

SHURFLO’s® quality reputation has been built on the reliability and dependability of every pump we build. The 4048 series fresh water automatic demand pump is quiet, thermally protected and can run dry without damage.

• Model #4048-153-A75 4048 High Flow Pump OEM
• Model #4048-153-E75 4048 High Flow Pump Aftermarket
• 4 Gallons per Minute
• 55 PSI, 10 Amps Max, High Performance
• Reduced cycling with Flow Reaction Technology™
• Smooth High powered flow
• Runs Dry – Thermally Protected
• Self-Priming to 6 vertical feet
• Internal Bypass-Low Cycling
• Built-in Check Valve prevents back flow
Name :                                                 4048 High Flow Pump
Model Numbers OEM/Aftermarket :   4048-153-A75, 4048-153-E75
Voltage :                                              12 VDC 
Dimensions Inches/Millimeters :       10.3" x 4.9" x 4.8" [260 x 125 x 122mm]
Flow Rate GPM/LPM :                          4.0 GPM  [15 LPM] 
Amps (Max.) :                                     10
Shut-Off Pressure :                            55 PSI  [3.8 BAR]
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