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General Pump Questions

Question: Why is my pump noisy?
Answer: All diaphragm style pumps have a slight pulsation/vibration. This pulsation or vibration, if allowed to transfer through to the floor or plumbing lines, will cause amplification of this vibration throughout the coach. Installation of flex-lines like a SHURflo “silencer kit”, and mounting the pump on a solid base will resolve most noise issues.

Question: My pump does not prime/work.
Answer: Provided you have 12 volts and the pump motor is running, check for water/air leaks in plumbing, or a clogged strainer on pump inlet. Foreign debris may have entered the pump, requiring service of the valve assembly.

Question: My pump cycles on and off all the time.
Answer: The pump cycles off because the shut-off pressure of 45 PSI has been reached. If it shuts off with your faucet or shower running full open, it is seeing excessive resistance (flow restriction) in the water supply plumbing.

Question: Are there any ways to reduce system cycling?

  1. Clean or remove the water savers in your faucets and shower heads.
  2. Remove as many elbows and tees as possible at the outlet of the pump, and replace with approved flexible hose (SHURflo silencer kit #94-591-01). Look for restrictive valves.
  3. Increase the shut-off pressure setting of the pump by turning the adjustment screw on the switch clockwise 1/2 turn. Note: We recommend this be done by a qualified service technician.
  4. Install a SHURflo accumulator tank to reduce cycling, keep water flow constant and even out temperature fluctuations.

Question: The pump runs when there is no demand for water. How can I fix this?

  1. Purge all the air in the system and check for leaks in your faucets or lines. If no leaks exist, you may have debris in the check valve/switch or valve assembly.
  2. Clean debris or replace the check valve or valve assemblies.

Question: Can I replace my standard pump with a Smart Sensor™ model?
Answer: Yes, you may use the 5.7 GPM if your coach was built after 1990 and does not have polybutylene tubing. If your coach was built pre 1990 or it has grey polybutylene tubing, use the Smart Sensor™ 4.0 model.

Question: Will my existing wiring work with the Smart Sensor™ pump?
Answer: A minimum 14GA wire is required. Some modification is required if the coach has a 7.5-Amp Intellitec pump controller, replace with Intellitec controller 00-00776-200 (may require additional wiring connectors).

Question: Will the pump fit in the existing area?
Answer: The Smart Sensor™ series has a larger motor and pump head, and will require a larger installation base. In most cases the present area is ample, in some cases the pump will have to be relocated.

Question: How do I relocate the new pump?
Answer: SHURflo’s flex-line silencing kit # 94-591-01 will make installation easy and improve performance.

Question: Can I use my existing strainer?
The Smart Sensor™ pumps require the model 254 or 255 series strainer to perform properly. The 170 series (clam shell design) should be replaced.

Question: Can I use the Smart Sensor™ with an accumulator?
No. Since the Smart Sensor™ pumps are variable speed, the use of an accumulator is not necessary, and will not allow the pump to work at its fullest potential.

Question: Is the Smart Sensor™ Pump quieter?
Answer: Yes, provided that it is installed properly, the variable speed feature will dramatically reduce noise developed from pump motor vibration, especially at low flow/high pressure situations.

Question: Will I get better water flow?
Answer: The Smart Sensor™ series of pumps allow more flow and pressure. Many consumers that installed the 5.7 GPM model have stated that the water flow and pressure is similar to their shower at home.

Question: Will I use more water?
Answer: Not necessarily. Showers normally take less time since the additional water helps you rinse off more quickly.

Comfort Air Fan System Questions

Question: Will the Comfort Air™ power vent fit in my standard, existing roof vent opening?
Yes, the Comfort Air™ power vent system is designed to install in a standard RV 14” x 14” roof vent opening.

Question: What roof thickness will the Comfort Air™ Fan install in?
Answer: The Comfort Air™ power vent system is designed to install in RV roof thicknesses from 2” to 6.5”.

Question: Can it be installed in conjunction with a vent cover?
Yes, although it is not necessary. The Comfort Air™ system has the exclusive feature of operating with the lid closed, or in any position.

Question: How many speeds does the fan have?
The SHURflo Comfort Air System is the only variable speed fan available on the market. The customer can vary speed from 230 CFM to 980 CFM for both exhaust and intake.

Question: Is it quiet?
Being variable speed, you can adjust the speed to noise level that is comfortable. On maximum speed the decibel level is only 36dB.

Question: Does the remote have to be within sight of the fan?
No. The remote is RF (radio frequency) and it will operate the fan up to 20 feet away.

Water Filtration Questions

Question: What types of filtration are available for my RV?
  1. Housing/Canister: 
    a. Advantage: Capable of using various types of filtering cartridges/media.
  2. In-line filters: 
    a. Easy to install, economical, offers two stage filtration.
  3. Everpure® Cartridge System: 
    a. Everpure is a proprietary patented filtration system that prevents flow of poor water once the cartridge is contaminated.

Question: How often should I change my filter?
Answer: We recommend changing your filter a minimum of every 6 months, or when taste, odor or other problems occur.

Question: Does filtration kill bacteria?
Answer: No. filtration traps bacteria, but only Ammonia Chloride or Chlorine, and other special anti-bacterial compounds kill bacteria. KDF, a component in several of our filters, controls bacteria through electrical impulses that alter structure so that it can’t reproduce, effectively killing it off.

Question: If I fill my tank with city water, is it safe?
Answer: Not necessarily. Chlorine in the water evaporates in 72 hours. It is important that you shock your tank, and chlorinate your plumbing regularly. A good filter will remove the chlorine taste.