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Livewell Pumps

Pro Baitmaster™ Heavy Duty Livewell Pumps
The Pro Baitmaster™ is excellent for Livewell or Washdown applications to withstand the harsh marine environment.  The seamless motor shell and sealed switch protects the pump from splashed liquids.  This pump is ideal in areas that have limited mounting space, where separate Washdown and Livewell pumps do not fit.  The Pro Baitmaster is rated for tanks up to 35 gallons. 
Bait Sentry™ Livewell Pumps
Bait Sentry™ is designed with a unique magnetically-driven impeller, no parts are mechanically connected. The advantages of the Mag-Drive is that a pump can ingest large amounts of debris without damage to the motor. Even if the boat were to run over solid debris, there would be no damage to the pump. If the impeller becomes locked, the motor magnet breaks free and the motor continues to run at a very low amp draw. In this design, there are no seals to burn up due to dry running condition or motor damage due to a locked rotor. All Bait Sentry™ Mag-Drive Livewell Pumps include a dual port to make an easy Washdown Pump connection.
SHURflo High Flow Livewell Pumps
Heavy duty and built to last.  SHURflo 1500 – 2000 GPH Livewell Pumps offer a unique are built for the harsh marine environment to withstand the harsh marine environment.  Submersible and rated for continuous duty, SHURflo Bilge Pumps are equipped with an anti-airlock feature to ensure optimal performance and are constructed with a high density nylon housing. Engineered with the finest components that continue to improve SHURflo’s high quality standard, the SHURflo Bilge Pumps’ performance and product reliability are unmatched.
Piranha™ Livewell Pumps
The Piranha™ livewell pumps are heavy duty and built to last!  Our tough, high-density, nylon housing and unique motor cooling system ensures efficient performance and long life. Patented anti-airlock feature allows the pump to clear trapped air in rough water or when the boat is anchored. Pumps incorporate a standard 6’ tinned wire assembly. The PiranhaäSeries offers dual ports allowing for easy washdown connections.
SHURflo Livewell Fill Valve
Keep your bait alive.  SHURflo now offers a Livewell Fill Valve, to complement our Livewell Pumps.  This Fill Valve creates an energized environment that keeps your bait alive.  The full port fittings assure the amount of flow required is achieved and maintained.  With the adjustable flow valve feature, you are able to adjust the water flow to your desired amount.