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Fresh Water Pumps

Aqua King™ Fresh Water Pumps
SHURFLO's® Next Generation
AQUA KING™ Fresh Water Pumps were developed to withstand and endure the harsh marine environment. With a patented design they deliver smooth, consistent flow at all ranges of operation, while drawing low current. These fresh water pumps deliver flows from 1.0 GPM up to 4.0 GPM. A balanced motor design and a precision ball bearing assembly enhances performance and life to each product.  Each seamless shell motor is equipped with an integral thermal breaker and is e-coated to prevent motor corrosion from the harsh marine environment.
                                    Extreme™ Series Pumps     SHURFLO's® Next Generation Extreme™ Smart Sensor Fresh Water Pumps give you an experience of “Just Like Home” flow flexibility that you have come to enjoy.  Cracking open a single fixture delivers smooth, quiet, water conserving operation. You may also choose to turn up the flow and enjoy a high-pressured shower for “Just Like Home” comfort, even while another fixture is simultaneously in operation. With the Smart Sensor™ 4.0 and 5.7 the power of flow is in your hands.  Delivering flows from 4.0 GPM up to 5.7 GPM, these 12 VDC pumps are also available in 24 VDC.